Use screen technology to inform and engage customers

Digital technology now gves you the opportunity to market and provide services in new ways. Display screens, touch screens, software and content can work together to generate positive customer experience, save staff time and provide opportunities for new revenue.

To work effectively you need three elements to work in harmony

1. Hardware- either a TV screen or a specialist signage display which can either be non-touch (passive) or touch (interactive)

2. Software - a means to control and manage the content

3. Content - that generates effective interest for your customers and increases engagement and ultimately revenue

Vaadhoo Signage offers a full digital signage service from advice and consultancy to fully installed systems which can be purchased outright or rented.

We offer both permanent instalations and hire services for trade shows, events or exhibitions.


Do you already have TVs or some form of signage system?

We believe we can help improve on your current sytem, help with content, training and security issues. We want you to get the best return from your investment and engage customers so that it drives revenue for your business. Call 0151 374 2911 to see how we can help.