Using screen technology to engage and inform

Our combination of digital screens (including touch screens), coupled with leading edge software and content design can be used to help businesses keep in touch and service their customers.  Our pragmatic approach is what makes us unique. The kind of areas we have worked in include:

  • Retail

Point of sale information

Advertising and promotion

Queue busting

Store directories

  • Hospitality

Room booking

Check in services

Room directories

Table planners

Meeting rooms

Concierge services

Reception screens

Room TV

  • Restaurants and Cafes

Digital menu boards

Order points

Customer loyalty programmes

Queue busting

  • Transport

Information points

Live information boards

  • Corporate

Reception areas

Information boards

Conference and meeting rooms

Building management

Conference technology



  • Private Health

Appointment booking

Building management

Patient services

Directional signage

Staff communication and training

  • Tourism

                    Interactive displays




                     Queue busting

                     Visitor Technology