Use digital screen technology and images to inform and engage customers

If you have invested in photography to market your business then you already know customers buy with their eyes first.

Digital technology now gves you teh opportunity to market and provide services in new ways. Display screens, touch screens, software and content can work together to generate positive customer experience, save staff time and provide opportunities for new revenue.

Using our experience of photgraphy and creating professional images that win business we began selling digital signage systems in 2013 to help clients maximise the value of our images for a range of uses. Since 2013 that business has expanded and we now offer a range of digital signage solutions for customers.  We advise on the right combination of hardware, software and content to create a positive customer experience for your clients.  Our approach is to match the technology to your needs and budget.

To help you get started we have designed a very easy guide to get you on the right track to planning your system. You can download it for free below


Just to give you an idea we have worked in developing systems that solve the following problems:-

  • Retail

Point of sale information

Advertising and promotion

Store directories

  • Hospitality

Concierge services

Event management

Room TV

  • Restaurants and Cafes

Digital menu boards

Order points

  • Transport

Information points

Live information boards

  • Corporate

Reception services

Information boards

Conference and meeting room technology


  • Private Health

Appointment booking

Patient services

Directional signage

Staff communication and training

  • Tourism

                  Interactive displays