Digital display screens for hotels, bars and restaurants

Wall mounted, freestanding and lectern digital sigange screens

Wall mounted, freestanding and lectern digital sigange screens

Being based in Liverpool and working in the hotel, restaurant and bar sectors we are well placed to help businesses in those sectors get the best value from their signage systems including screens, software and content development.

We have been selling screens into the sector since 2013 and it actuialy led to the formation of Vaadhoo Limited (incorporating the photography business) in 2015 with clients across the UK, Europe and the Middle East. We understand the needs of the hospitality sector and can make sure you get the right screen for your business whether it is for menus, information boards or interactive kiosks. Our USBP in te hfield is in helping maximixe the Customer experience of engagement.

We can arrange the screens, the signage software for control of the display screens and advise on content for your screen as well.

To complete the service, we can arrange installation training and support. These screens are not TVs but purpose built signage screens designed for the specific needs of the hotel, bar and restaurant market so they can increase engagement and drive sales.


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