Screen hardware

The Digital information Screens  we sell are not TVs!  They may look similar but they are not and are not to be considered as a substitute for each other. At Vaadhoo we specialise in commercial grade screen technology to make sure you invest in the right screen for the right job. 

We supply both touch and non-touch screens from 10 inches up to 98 inches as well as Video walls and LED displays. We have a range of full HD or 4K options to meet your requirements.

 Wall mounted  screens

Wall mounted  screens

 Lectern touch screen

Lectern touch screen

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Wall Mounted Panels

We supply wall mounterd screens  that can be mounted landscape or portrait on either a wall, floor or ceiling bracket.

Digital display screens are built for commercial use, have wider fields of view, no tuner (so no licence is required), can be placed in portrait orientation and run for 16 or 24 hours a day without risk of fire or burn out (Consumer TVs should only be run for 8 hours per day). 

We supply touch and non-touch versions from leading suppliers such as Samsung, LG and Phillips along with specialist panels for use as presentation / meeting room screens such as the class leading panels from  Avocor.

Freestanding Screens

We supply totem screens from 22 inches up to 65 inches as well as  our popular lectern screens  which come as either a 32, 43 or 55 inch unit.

Uses include replacement of pop up banners , information points , self service order points, meeting rooms, conference venues and wayfinding.


Many of our screens can be supplied on long term rental reducing costs to as little as £1 per day!  Contact us with your enquiry via our contact page .


We are also able to supply equipment such as media players (to adapt your existing screen technology) and appropriate, stands and brackets from companies such as Unicol

 Airtouch screens , Video Walls, PROMULTIS Tabletops & totem screens

Airtouch screens , Video Walls, PROMULTIS Tabletops & totem screens